Before You Set Out

At the End of the Journey

  • Lost & Found

    If you lose or find an item on the train, please notify the customer service center *5770 (ext. 3) or complete the form available on our website.


    We collect forgotten items on a daily basis, however Israel Railways cannot be held responsible for belongings left behind on the train that were not handed in to a representative.

  • Contacting Us Regarding Train Delays and/or Cancellations

    Despite our best efforts, Israel Railways occasionally experiences delays and schedule changes. If a train is delayed by 30 minutes or more, or cancelled completely, you are entitled to receive an extra ticket for future travel on the same route. A delay of 60 minutes or more entitles you to two extra tickets as compensation.


    If your train is unexpectedly canceled, you can either wait for the next train, or return the ticket you purchased for a monetary refund. Refunds will only be granted to holders of a single or multi-ride ticket.


    If you charged your Rav-Kav card for the trip, your card will be loaded with an extra ticket as compensation.


    If you purchased a paper ticket (not using your Rav-Kav card), you will be compensated with another paper ticket.


    Receiving Compensation:

    Contact the Station Manager

    Provide the station manager with your ticket (paper ticket or the Rav-Kav card you used to travel). If you are eligible for compensation, you will receive a free ticket on the spot.


    If you are unable to contact the station manager on the same day, you can contact him/her within 14 days of your intended travel day.


    Through the Website

    An online form can be submitted via our website to apply for compensation due to train delays and cancellations:


    Submit the form online


    Contact the Customer Service Center

    *5770 Sun-Thu: 8:00am - Midnight

    Please mail your ticket to: Israel Railways, 3 Darchei Moshe Street, Lod, 7130703

    Your compensation ticket will be sent to you by return mail.

  • Contacting Us Regarding Line Closures

    On occasion, we are obliged to close stations or specific sections of track in order to perform essential infrastructure work. We generally make every effort to perform this work at night, but sometimes affecting the regular train service is unavoidable. During such closures, the Ministry of Transport provides additional bus services and/or free shuttle services between the affected train stations, in accordance with Ministry of Transport guidelines.


    Eligibility for Compensation

    Holders of Flexible 7 or Flexible 30 tickets, which are designated for travel on the lines affected by the station/track closure, are entitled to extend the validity of their card in accordance with the number of days the station/track remains closed. The extension will be applied after the end of the last valid day on the card. This extension period cannot be changed or extended.


    Redeeming Compensation

    To redeem your compensation, please follow the instructions below:


    Take your Rav-Kav card (on which your travel pass is loaded) to the ticket office, automatic ticket machine, or the ticket validation machines at the station.


    In order to fully redeem your compensation, you must claim it no later than one day after the last valid day on your travel pass. If you claim it at a later stage, your card will only be loaded with the remainder of the compensation period.


    Once the compensation period has expired, you will not be entitled to an extension or to any further compensation.


    For example:

    A passenger purchased a Flexible 30 ticket for a specific route. During the ticket's 30-day validity, a station or section of track along this route was closed for 5 days. The passenger is now entitled to extend his ticket for 5 additional days. In order to fully redeem the 5-day compensation, the passenger must claim it no later than one day after the last valid day on the original ticket. If it takes the passenger longer to claim the compensation, the Rav-Kav card will be charged with less than the full compensation (one day less, for each day that passes). After five days, the passenger will no longer be eligible for any compensation.


    Please Note:

    According to Ministry of Transport regulations, student tickets (annual or semester), which are sold at a specially discounted rate, are not eligible for any extension due to station or track closures, or for any other compensation whatsoever.


  • Contact Us

    You can contact us in any of the following ways:


    Customer Service Center *5770

    Opening Hours:

    Train Schedule & General Information (ext. 1)

    Sun-Thu: 6:00am - 12:00am

    Fridays & Holiday Eves: 6:00am - 3:00pm

    After Shabbat & Holidays: Approximately half an hour after Shabbat/the holiday until midnight


    Customer Service (ext. 4):

    Sun-Thu: 8:00am - 3:00pm



    Israel Railways Online (customer service tab)

    You may contact us on Facebook at 07:30-19:00 on Sunday-Thursday and at 07:30-13:00 on Friday.

    Public Inquiries:

    Click here to make an inquiry online



    08-6261693 (please include your fax number to receive a reply)



    Israel Railways, Public Inquiries Department, 1 Yoseftal Street, Lod, 7136801, P.O. Box 757