Before You Set Out

On the Train

  • Important Information

    We are committed to conveying you to your destination safely. During your journey, you will be accompanied by train crew, including the driver and the conductor. Please note that the conductor holds overall responsibility for the journey, and his/her instructions must be obeyed at all times.


    Each trip requires a valid ticket that matches the passenger's profile, as well as the route from the departure station to the destination station. Make sure to validate your ticket (paper ticket, Rav-Kav card, or military ID) at the turnstiles in both the departure and destination stations. Please keep your ticket until you exit the station, and present it to the conductor or any other authorized Israel Railways representative upon request.


    A personal Rav-Kav card is non-transferrable and may not be used by anyone other than its owner. This includes the use of Rav-Kav discounts that require personal eligibility.


    **If you are found not to be in possession of an appropriate, valid ticket, you will be charged triple the full fare.


    Please Note:

    You may not combine different types of tickets, or "piece together" a trip using several tickets that each only cover a section of your journey. Any use of a ticket that has not been duly issued for a complete trip, or any attempt to travel by "piecing together" a complete trip from several partial tickets will be considered an attempt to travel without a valid ticket.

  • Accessible Car

    The southernmost car of every train is designed with accessibility in mind, ensuring that wheelchair users can enjoy a pleasant, hassle-free trip.

  • Electrical Outlets

    For your convenience, most trains are equipped with electrical outlets for charging your phone or laptop.

  • Travel Code of Conduct

    Please adhere to the following rules for the duration of the journey:


    • When boarding, allow passengers to disembark from the train before entering the car.
    • Do not place your feet on the seats.
    • Keep quiet and be considerate of other passengers.
    • Use earphones to listen to music.
    • Do not put personal belongings in passageways as it is liable to disrupt the movement of passengers.Prepare to disembark in advance, to avoid missing your stop.
    • Emergency Brake – The emergency brake is for stopping the train in the event of an emergency only. Pulling the emergency brake when there is no emergency is strictly prohibited and may result in a heavy fine.