Before You Set Out

Before the Journey

  • Planning Your Journey – Schedule

    Plan your journey via our website or app, by entering your intended travel date, as well as either the departure time, or the desired arrival time at your destination station.


    You can also stay up to date with changes that may occur to the train's schedule or route, via our website, app, or Facebook page.


    Please Note: It is important to arrive at the station a while before your train's scheduled departure, especially during peak hours in the morning (6:00am-9:00am) and the afternoon/evening (3:00pm-7:00pm). Ensure you have enough time to pass through security, purchase and validate your ticket, and catch your train safely.

  • Real Time Train Tracking

    The Journey Planner results page of the website or app displays the train's location on its route in real time. In the event of a delay, the expected delay in minutes will appear in a circle on the left side of the page. This figure is continually updated during the train's journey, indicating the expected time of arrival at your designated station.

    Knowledge of the train's location in real time makes it possible for you to know when it will reach the station, and if there is a delay, how long it will be.


    Important: Please be aware that any indicated delay may decrease as well as increase. Pay close attention to the delay, as it pertains to your departure station, and be sure to arrive at the platform a few minutes early.

  • Train Occupancy Index

    The Journey Planner results page of the website or app displays the train's estimated occupancy level at each stop during its journey. This information is based on the average occupancy level recorded in the last two weeks, and is not updated in real time, but may help you decide which train is best for you.

  • Rav-Kav Card

    The Rav-Kav card makes it easier to travel by all types of public transport, and you can load it with tickets that suit your personal travel plans. The Rav-Kav card entitles you to a range of discounts on regular ticket prices, in accordance with Ministry of Transport guidelines.


    Order a personal Rav-Kav card from Rav-Kav Online website or from Hopon website.

  • Purchasing Train Tickets Online

    Now you can purchase tickets in advance with your Rav-Kav card via the website or app. Simply scan your Rav-Kav card when passing through the station's ticket validation machine, and your card will be loaded with the relevant ticket.


    View rates and buy tickets online


    Don’t have a Rav-Kav card? Order one today from Rav-Kav Online website or from Hopon website


    View information on all types of tickets and discounts

  • Purchasing Reserved Seats Online

    Tickets for reserved seats in a may be purchased via the website or app for an additional 5 NIS per ticket.


    It is important to purchase a reserved seat before boarding the train.


    Please Note:

    • This service only operates on the Karmiel – Be'er Sheva and the Hertsliya – Be'er Sheva lines, in both directions.
    • Your seat reservation will only be valid for the above route segment.
    • The car with reserved seating is the northernmost car of each train.
  • Passengers with Reduced Mobility

    If you require assistance from a staff member when boarding and disembarking from the train at the station, please make arrangements in advance via this link. 


    Or contact our customer service center at *5770


    Sun-Thu: 6:00am - Midnight


    After Shabbat & Holidays: From half an hour after Shabbat/the holiday until midnight.


    Please be assured that we will make every effort to provide you with the best service, even if arrangements are not made in advance.


    However, without advance notification, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to board your intended train.


    In the event that you are planning a trip between 8:00pm and 6:00am, or after Shabbat and holidays, or if your group includes two or more wheelchair users, please contact us at least two hours before the scheduled departure time.

  • Personal Items, Surfboards & Pets

    You may bring personal belongings onto the train, such as suitcases, bags, and children's strollers. It is your responsibility to ensure that such items are placed in the designated area and do not obstruct the car aisle or the exit/entry doors.


    You may board with surfboards and boogie boards, provided that they are kept in a closed bag designed for this purpose. During the journey, the surfboard should be stored vertically in the car vestibule.


    You may bring pets on board provided they do not pose a safety risk to the passengers, and are suitably leashed and muzzled. Alternatively, pets can be carried in a cage or pet carrier. Please ensure that they do not occupy seats. By law, service dogs are permitted to access trains without restriction.


    Do not leave any belongings unattended. Belongings found unattended in the car aisle or vestibule, or that obstruct the passage of wheelchairs, may be removed from the train (if locked or tied to the car, the lock will be broken) without warning, at the sole responsibility of the owner.


    Please Note:

    Entering the train station and boarding the train with personal items or pets is always subject to safety considerations. Therefore, circumstances may arise, especially during peak hours, when bringing them on board will not be permitted.


    Any person whose personal items or pet compromises the safety of other passengers, who does not obey the instructions of Israel Railways representatives, or who violates these regulations, will be removed from the train or the station, and legal action may be taken against such a person.