Before You Set Out

To & From the Station

  • Planning Your Arrival at & Departure from the Station

    Our website provides information on transportation options to and from each station on the station page, so you can reach your destination in maximum comfort:

    Public transport to city centers, military bases, and major business districts.


    Free shuttle services to major business districts, including detailed routes and operating hours, and stations where you can book taxis and receive updates about taxi arrival time.


    Taxi stands next to the train station.


    Tel-O-Fun Bike Rentals – Directions to the nearest Tel-O-Fun station, as well as real-time updates on the number of available bikes.


    App – Find the best route to or from the station.


    Free parking lots next to the train station, plus information about other nearby parking lots up to 500m from the station, with the option of navigating there.


    For the convenience of passengers who come to the station by bicycle, we have allocated dedicated bicycle parking areas at many stations.


    Please Note: Israel Railways is not responsible for the schedules of other providers offering transportation to and from the station.

  • Around the Station

    Touring by Train – The "Touring by Train" section of our website or app presents dozens of potential tour routes, accompanied by video clips, on various topics, such as cuisine, nature, culture, and more. You can select your tour by destination/area, and then all you have to do is hop onboard and start touring. 


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      The simple way to find out all there is to know about entertainment, dining options, and businesses close to the station.