Before You Set Out

What's at the Station?

  • Station Maintenance

    We make every effort to ensure that our stations are clean, pleasant, and easy for passengers to navigate.


    In order to ensure a consistently high level of service, we conduct inspections and other checks on a regular basis.


    If you encounter any maintenance issues, please do not hesitate to notify any station staff member, call our service center at *5770 (ext. 4), or message us via our website or Facebook page.


    We will do everything we can to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.

  • Security Checks

    Entry to all train stations is subject to a personal baggage check.


    Every station entrance is manned by security guards who operate in accordance with Israel Police guidelines, and are committed to upholding your dignity and safety during the security check.


    Please be aware that lines may develop at the security check stations during peak hours in the morning and afternoon/evening (6:00am-9:00am and 3:00pm-7:00pm), so it is important that you arrive some time prior to your train's departure.

  • Information at the Station

    Real-time updates and information on departure times, platform numbers, changes, cancellations, and delays can be obtained via the electronic board and information screens in the entrance hall.


    Likewise, please listen for the PA announcements informing passengers of train arrivals, as well as changes to schedules and routes.

  • Purchasing Tickets

    If you have not purchased your train tickets in advance online, you can purchase them at the station. All stations have automatic ticket machines, and some also have ticket offices which are open and staffed during the posted opening hours. All types of tickets can be purchased at the station, with either cash or a credit card.


    Please Note: Ticket office opening hours are subject to change.


    For ticket office opening hours, and information about the types of tickets and discounts available, please visit the relevant train station's page on the website here.


    Click here to view all types of tickets

  • Free Wi-Fi Access

    All stations offer complimentary Wi-Fi services for your convenience, so you can utilize your waiting time more effectively. Please note that service quality may be affected by the number of users at the station.

  • Left Luggage Facilities

    Left luggage facilities are available at the following stations: Tel Aviv, Be'er Sheva-Center, Haifa, HaMifrats Central Station, Jerusalem-Malha, and Jerusalem-Yitzhak Navon.


    Please Note:

    Lockers are also available for large suitcases.

    Locker access is only available during the station's opening hours.

  • Coffee Shops

    At most train stations, you will find food kiosks or coffee shops that sell a range of soft drinks and light meals. The coffee shops are operated by Strauss Elite and/or Café Neto.

  • Libraries

    17 of our stations nationwide include unique libraries, where you can enjoy a range of books in various genres. Feel free to borrow books any time, free of charge – just don't forget to return them! Books may be borrowed at one station and returned at another, so you can enjoy a relaxing read on the train.


    The library collection is provided with the assistance of the Shekulo Tov Group, which runs the Rebooks program – a socio-environmental initiative that assists the vocational rehabilitation of people coping with psychiatric disabilities through the reuse of books.

  • Pianos

    We have placed pianos at more than 30 stations for your musical pleasure. Please feel free to sit down and play while you wait for your train, or simply enjoy the melodic sounds of other passengers playing.

  • Station Code of Conduct

    To ensure your safety, and the safety of all other passengers, please adhere to the following code of conduct while in the station and on the platforms.


    • It is prohibited to ride bicycles in the station. If you have an electric bicycle, please turn the key to the off position when entering the station.
    • For your own safety, do not cross the yellow line on the platform. Trains can pass through very quickly, posing a grave safety risk.
    • Obey all safety instructions given by Israel Railways staff or announced through the PA system.
    • It is not permitted to enter train stations barefoot.


    Any passenger who poses a safety risk to other passengers, or who does not obey the instructions of Israel Railways staff will be removed from the station, and legal action may be taken against such a person.


    Smoking – We fully comply with the law for the prevention of smoking in public places. If you smoke, please only use the designated smoking areas at the station (located on the edges of the platform, behind the white line). Please note that, in accordance with the law, smoking on the train is strictly prohibited.